no mess. no fuss. no damage

The ultimate tailgate bag for dirty gear, rubbish and more!

Australian Designed and Owned

Legal on road and off

AfterPay Available

Caravan Levelling

Ozi Block N Chock

Tired of struggling to level your caravan? Then it’s time to try out the safest and easiest caravan levelling system on the market. Ozi Block N Chock is a new levelling system designed to create a flat level surface for your caravan or trailer to sit on. It doesn’t matter if you have a dual axle, single axle, motorhome or rooftop camper, our Basic Kit will get you started.

The Original Ute Bumbag

Designed to be fit for purpose

The Ute Bumbag was originally created by owner Tony for personal use. He needed an all-purpose tailgate bag to use for his dirty gear, his rubbish when adventuring, and wet gear when swimming (you get the drift). He scoured the market for something suitable that wouldn’t scratch his ute, but couldn’t find anything. So, he made his own. It needed to be something that would last – he wasn’t going to do this regularly – or so he thought! When his mates spotted his bag, they wanted one too and Ute Bumbags was born.

Today everyone and their dog is selling them. Tailgate bags, dirty gear bags, bin bags, rubbish bags, wheel bags, bladder bags – it doesn’t matter what you call them – they’re prolific now. 

Why do we use truck mesh instead of Canvas?

We do not use Canvas for our bags as Canvas holds the smell of whatever is put into it, fades quickly and can go mouldy when stored for long periods. Instead, Ute Bumbags are made from a Truck Mesh material similar to trampoline matting. This Mesh is UV Stabilised for 10 years, is fully washable and allows air to circulate freely.

Canvas is a cheaper material that will get you to buy another bag sooner… while our Mesh is built to last. Thanks to their design and versatile material, our Mesh Bags will look great for many, many years, while Canvas bags will look like an old ball sack after just a few months.

Mesh Bags Laugh at Bin Juice, Mud, Salt Water and the Harsh Australian Sun!

So, why stick with us?

Tony spent many years perfecting his bag to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, to be the perfect size so it was legal on road and off, to not damage his ute, to use premium materials so the bag would last as long as possible without tearing or getting smelly. He really wanted it to stand the test of time. 

No paint scratching. No Lingering Smells. Fit for purpose – and due to demand, the Ute Bumbag is now available for utes, wheels, stone guards, and ladders.

It’s not the Biggest Dirty Gear Bag, but it is the BEST Dirty Gear Bag. Buy yours online now.



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