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Ute Bumbag Table Bag

The Ute Bumbag Table Bag is perfect for utes with toolboxes, alloy or steel canopies, caravans or motorhomes. Buy yours online now.



“Now you can bring your rubbish home, without the smelly “bin juice” inside your vehicle.”

The Ute Bumbag Table Bag is designed to suit utes with toolboxes, alloy or steel canopies, caravans or motorhomes. It can be used as a dirty gear bag and includes a handy table that will hold a BBQ or chopping board. It is also handy for carrying water or diesel fuel containers.

Like all of our Bumbags, this bag is made from UV stabilized Truck Mesh that won’t hold smells or perish in the sun like canvas.

The bag will fit the Willow 25 litre Swing and Stay bin and some jerry can brands. Larger jerry cans can be carried without the bag.

The Ute Bumbag Table Bag is made in Australia from 3mm Aluminium with Stainless Steel Hinges, Bolts and Nyloc Nuts, these tables are the answer to having a dirty gear bag without the extra weight of a spare wheel.

It requires a minimum width of 42cm and a minimum height of 78cm.

Mounting hardware is not included and securing your load is entirely your responsibility, so please ensure adequate fittings and correct load restraints are used.

Why use truck mesh instead of Canvas?

The Ute Bumbag is made from a woven mesh fabric, called truck mesh, that is built to last, look and smell great. When compared to the canvas materials used for other dirty gear bags, rubbish bags, tyre bags, wheel bags, stone guard bags, bladder bags, ute tailgate bin bags, or tailgate bags (the Ute Bumbag replaces them all), our product withstands the demands of being all-purpose under the harsh Australian sun with ease.

🗸 UV stabilised mesh (for up to 10 years) – perfect for the harsh Australian sun.
🗸 Doesn’t fade easily – truck mesh is longer lasting than canvas and holds its colour for far longer.
🗸 Breathable – allows airflow which helps keep the bag itself stay cleaner.
🗸 Low heat retention – the structure of the material means that the contents will not get as hot as they do in a canvas bag.
🗸 Doesn’t hold smells – because the Bumbag is made of a breathable mesh and is easy to clean, it doesn’t retain the smell of rubbish or dirty gear.
🗸 Mould-resistant – thanks to its breathable nature and easy cleaning, the Ute Bumbag doesn’t grow mould like the canvas counterparts do.
🗸 Easy to clean – simply hose it down when it gets too dusty or dirty.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions60 × 54 × 34 cm


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