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About The Ute Bumbag

Your questions answered


Find answers to all the most commonly asked questions we get about the Ute Bumbag. Can’t see the answer you are looking for here? Contact us and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Will the Ute Bumbag fit my vehicle?

The Ute Bumbag is designed to fit most Style Side Utes on the Australian market.

  • Single Cab
  • XtraCab
  • Dual Cab
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Will it scratch my Tailgate? 

Included with every Ute Bumbag Kit is a padded magnet. When applied to a clean tailgate it will protect the paintwork from scratches.
Do not roll or fold the magnet and please ensure the magnet is kept on a flat surface (fridge, washing machine etc) when not on your vehicle. Look after the magnet and it will look after your paintwork!

What can I store in my Ute Bumbag?

The Ute Bumbag was designed with versatility in mind, so it is suitable for a wide range of storage options including:

  • Rubbish
    Imagine storing prawn heads inside a ute when it gets to 30°C (or more) for a day or two of off-road adventures. Prawns are just one example – anyone who has left any rubbish inside a car on a hot day in Australia will know the offensive smell this can generate.
  • Wet gear
    Sandy towels and wet cossies or muddy boots and snatch straps, after a day at the beach, or the bush the interior of your Ute will(would) need a good clean.
  • Firewood
    Carrying wood inside your Ute with your camping gear may result in a creepy crawly in your socks or swag.
  • 4×4 Gear
    Quick access to a snatch strap or a D shackle is essential in some instances.

What shouldn't I store in my Ute Bumbag?

Do not put hot ashes or sharp objects into the bag.

What is the Ute Bumbag made of?

The Ute Bumbag is made from a stylish black mesh that is tear and cut resistant with a high UV rating.

Will a liner fit in my Ute Bumbag?

The Ute Bumbag allows for a garbage bag or waterproof gear bag to be used as a liner that can be removed for disposal or storage.

How should I maintain my Ute Bumbag when not in use?

The mesh is easy to wash and the straps can be kept inside the handy storage bag attached via the fitting bracket. The protection pad should be stored on a flat metal surface, a fridge or filing cabinet is ideal. Please note that before long term storage, all components should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Is my Ute Bumbag secure?

While the metal zippers can be secured with a small padlock or zip tie for peace of mind while travelling, the Ute Bumbag is not designed to prevent theft.

Can I add extra protection to my Ute Bumbag?

After using the cutting mat provided when cutting the magnet, this mat should be inserted into the internal storage pocket of the large bag to provide extra protection for your tailgate. If you want further protection, colourful mats of the same dimensions are available at Woolworths in a pack of four for around $8. This may be a good investment if you are going to be carrying heavier loads in your large bag. You should install them free of their packaging as this will allow the large bag to follow the contours of your tailgate.

Is Ute Bumbag Pty. Ltd. an Australian company?

Yes, Ute Bumbag Pty. Ltd. is a family owned Australian company.

Where is the Ute Bumbag made?

Ute Bumbag Pty. Ltd. has attempted several times to manufacture the Ute Bumbag in Australia. Unfortunately, this has not been commercially viable which has led to the products being manufactured in China under very strict quality supervision.

Why isn't the Ute Bumbag bigger?

If it was larger it would not be legal for road and offroad use. Usage would be restricted to private property otherwise fines for obstructing the number plate or tail lights would apply.

Is the Ute Bumbag legal?

Yes, as long as the bag is fitted as per the instructions it is road and trail legal in Australia.

Do I need to remove my internal tailgate cover to fit this product?

The bracket can be fitted over the tailgate cover and this will not prevent the Ute Bumbag from being used.

There is no need to remove any internal cover for installation of the Ute Bumbag, other than to find a second mounting point for the bracket. 

You will need to put a hole through the plastic tub liner that lines up with this second hole and replace your existing screws with longer versions.