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Caravan Levelling

Ozi Block N Chock

Tired of struggling to level your caravan? Then it’s time to try out the safest and easiest caravan levelling system on the market. Ozi Block N Chock is a new levelling system designed to create a flat level surface for your caravan or trailer to sit on. It doesn’t matter if you have a dual axle, single axle, motorhome or rooftop camper, our Basic Kit will get you started.

Caravan Mats

Recycled Poly Camping Mats

They are made from recycled plastic. Perfect for all campsites. Light, durable, and UV-stabilised.

All mats are UV stabilised to avoid fading, and heavy-duty polyester bindings and eyelets are double-stitched. The mats are also thicker than any other camping mat. This makes them the most durable recycled mat on the market but still very light. Every mat comes with a deluxe mat bag that will help prevent dampness from getting onto other items in your van. It is an open bag that will allow your mat to breathe and not become smelly like enclosed bags. The bag has Velcro straps and is made from a robust and durable fabric, which will help protect your mat in storage and contain dirt and moisture when packing it up wet.