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How the ultimate tailgate bag came about

The Ute Bumbag story

A journey into a new business

Tony Whittingham, an avid ute, caravan and 4×4 enthusiast wanted a dirty gear bag for the tailgate of his ute. He’d enjoyed his ute and caravan for many years. While most wagon-style 4x4s have an attached spare wheel that can carry a gear bag or rubbish bag, making it easy to avoid storing dirty gear or rubbish inside the cab, the ute was missing out on this feature when camping, caravanning and four-wheel driving. 

So, he started to plan his own. It needed to be good. No – it needed to be great because he was only going to do this once! Or so Tony thought.

Tony took his time. He researched the material, looking for something durable that would last a long time as he didn’t want to replace it every two years. He researched the requirements to make the bag legal on-road and off. He focussed on creating a design of dirty gear bag that would not gather dust or scratch his ute. Eventually, he found the perfect combination and had his bag made.

What came next is really no surprise – his mates wanted one too! Not just that, they loved it so much, they wanted ones that would fit in the same spots as a traditional dirty gear bin bag. So, Tony adapted the design and now you can buy the Ute Bumbag for your Ute, or you can buy a table bag, or one that fits a wheel, ladder or stone guard too.

Almost always on the road

The Ute Bumbag is designed to protect the painted tailgate of a style side ute. 

It is designed to be tough and long lasting and is made from a stylish black mesh that is tear and cut resistant with a high UV rating. 

Call it what you like, a dirty gear bag, rubbish bag, tyre bag, wheel bag, stone guard bag, bladder bag, ute tailgate bin bag, or a tailgate bag – The Ute Bumbag does it all.

The Ute Bumbag is a Registered Design. Its Trademarks and Patents are currently under consideration. The Ute Bumbag is Our Australian Invention and was given new Australian Certified Design No. 201914858. Useful, practical and high quality, the Ute Bumbag solves many problems and provides a great way to store gear, rubbish, firewood or tools while protecting the environment and your vehicle. Currently fits a range of utes without drilling holes!

Check out our product being Reviewed by UNSEALED4X4.

Everything you need to know about the Ute Bumbag

COVID was a tough time for most, but especially for our medical professionals. Tony’s wife, a nurse, did the hard yards and by the time life opened up, she was more than ready for a change of pace. She now sells Ozi Block N Choc – caravan levelling equipment that works like Lego – alongside Tony’s Ute Bumbags.

These days, Tony and his wife are almost always on the road and there’s little doubt you’ll see them at the next Caravan, Camping and Four-wheel drive expo near you. Why not pop over and say hello? They love sharing road-stories with other fellow enthusiasts.

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